Introduction to Yellowstone workshop

Yellowstone is NCAR's 1.5-petaflops high-performance IBM iDataPlex cluster, which features 72,576 Intel Sandy Bridge processors and 144.6 TB of memory.

The HPC cluster's login nodes give users access to the entire Yellowstone environment (see graphic below), which includes the Geyser and Caldera clusters, the 31-PB GLADE central disk resource, and the High-Performance Storage System.



72,576 processor cores   2.6-GHz Intel Xeon E5-2670 (Sandy Bridge) processors with Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX)
8 flops per clock
4,536 computation nodes IBM dx360 M4, dual socket, 8 cores per socket
6 login nodes IBM x3650 M4, dual socket, 8 cores per socket
144.58 TB total system memory 2 GB/core, 32 GB/node (25 GB usable), DDR3-1600
FDR Mellanox InfiniBand interconnect Full fat tree, single plane
Bandwidth 13.6 GBps bidirectional per node; latency 2.5 µs
Peak bidirectional bisection bandwidth: 31.7 TBps
1.504 petaflops peak 1.26 petaflops HPL
28.9 Bluefire-equivalents


This diagram shows the foundational CISL architecture for the equipment deployed in the NWSC facility. It shows the integration and relative sizes of systems for computing, data analysis and visualization, online and archived data, data management, external interfaces, and networks.