Running interactive applications

Recommended use | License use guidelines

The Geyser and Caldera clusters both have shared nodes that can be used interactively in addition to exclusive nodes for running batch jobs. See Starting Geyser and Caldera jobs from Cheyenne for details.

To run advanced visualization applications remotely on the Geyser and Caldera clusters or if your work requires the use of OpenGL, see Starting TurboVNC for visualization applications.

Recommended use

Geyser: Use the Geyser cluster for most large-scale data analysis and post-processing tasks.

Caldera: Use the Caldera cluster for running distributed-memory parallel applications such as ParaView and VisIt, and for general-purpose GPU (GPGPU) code development and testing.

License use guidelines

The CISL user community shares a limited number of licenses for running MATLAB, MATLAB Toolboxes, and some other applications.

Follow these guidelines to ensure fair access for all users:

  • Avoid monopolizing these licenses.
  • If you need to use multiple licenses at one time, be considerate of others and finish your session as quickly as possible.
  • Close applications when you are done to free up licenses for others to use.

CISL reserves the right to kill jobs/tasks of users who monopolize these licenses.

To see how many licenses are being used, run licstats at your command line.


Run it with option -h for additional information.

licstats -h

MATLAB alternative - Octave

Octave is expected to be available again soon after the CentOS 7 update.

Many MATLAB codes run with very little or no modification under Octave, a free interactive data analysis software package with syntax and functionality that are very similar to MATLAB's. Since using Octave is not constrained by license issues, we encourage MATLAB users to try it, particularly those who have long-running MATLAB jobs. Depending on compute intensity, Octave usually runs slower than MATLAB but it may be suitable for most data analysis work and you won't risk having jobs killed because of a lack of licenses.

To use Octave interactively, start an interactive job and load the module.

module load octave

Run octave to start the command line interface, or run the following command to use the GUI.

octave --force-gui