Personalizing start files

tcsh users | bash users

You can personalize your Cheyenne HPC environment by using the sample content below in your startup files – the files that create your interactive login shell. The examples provide alternative color schemes and set some commonly used aliases.

CAUTION: Do not use personalized start files to load environment modules; it can cause conflicts. Instead, set up any unique environments that you need as described in our Customized environments documentation. Use that approach to create and save different environments for various aspects of your work – one for model runs and another for data analysis, for example.

If you use tcsh, edit your .tcshrc file. If you use bash or ksh, edit your .profile file. (Do not confuse these with .bashrc and .login files.)

Consider making backup copies of your existing startup files before creating customized files.

Personalizing these files is optional; the information is provided in response to users' requests.

.tcshrc for tcsh users


tty > /dev/null
if ( $status == 0 ) then

### My Personal Prompt
# set prompt = "%n@%m:%~"
# # Another Colorful Prompt
set prompt = "%{\033[31;40m%}%n@%{\033[0m%}%{\033[1;34m%}%m:%{\033[0m%}%{\033[32;40m%}%~>%{\033[0m%} "
# ### Generic Aliases
alias rm 'rm -i'
alias cp 'cp -i'
alias mv 'mv -i'
alias h "history | grep "
alias ls "ls --color"
alias vi "vim"
alias j 'qstat'
alias more 'less'
alias diffcolor 'git diff --color=always --color-words'
# ### Other Personal Settings
   setenv PATH ~/bin:$PATH

.profile for bash and ksh users


### My Personal Prompt
#PS1="\u@\h:\w> "
# Another Colorful Prompt
PS1="\[\e[1;31;40m\]\u@\[\e[1;34;40m\]\H:\[\e[1;32;40m\]\w>\[\e[0m\] "
export PS1

### Generic Aliases
alias rm='rm -i'
alias cp='cp -i'
alias mv='mv -i'
alias h="history | grep "
alias ls="ls --color"
alias vi="vim"
alias j='qstat'
alias more='less'
alias tail='tail ---disable-inotify -f'
alias diffcolor='git diff --color=always --color-words'

### Other Personal Settings
export PATH=~/bin:$PATH