Intel Parallel Studio XE tools

The Intel compiler module is loaded by default when you log in to the Cheyenne system. The following additional Intel Parallel Studio XE tools also are available by default when the Intel compiler is loaded:

Intel Advisor for adding threads and vectorizing your code. Run advixe‑gui or advixe‑cl.

Intel Inspector for debugging threads and dynamic memory applications. Run inspxe-gui or inspxe-cl.

Intel VTune Amplifier for optimizing code. Run amplxe-gui or amplxe-cl.

In order to optimize MPI codes with Intel Trace Analyzer and Collector (ITAC), use Intel MPI rather than the Cheyenne system's default SGI Message Passing Toolkit (MPT). Load the impi module, then the itac module.

module load impi
module load itac

See the ITAC documentation for how to use the tool.