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CISL and NCAR have developed and support a number of freely available software packages for data assimilation, analysis, visualization and high-performance computation.

See the GeoCAT and VAPOR sites described below for more information and to download software, and visit the Advanced Research Computing portal for details about other software available on NCAR's HPC systems.

Geoscience Community Analysis Toolkit


GeoCAT software logo

The Geoscience Community Analysis Toolkit (GeoCAT) is a collection of tools for scientific visualization, file input/output and data analysis.

The collection includes the GeoCAT computational library (GeoCAT-Comp) and the PyNGL and PyNIO Python packages.





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Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere, and Solar Researchers (VAPOR) – provides an interactive 3D visualization environment that can also produce animations and still frame images.

NCAR Classic Libraries for Geophysics


Rendering of a scalar harmonic produced by a SPHEREPACK subroutine.

Rendering of a scalar harmonic produced by a SPHEREPACK subroutine.

Several mathematical libraries developed in the years 1970-1990 remain popular in the geophysics community. These libraries are:

  • FFTPACK: A library of fast Fourier transforms
  • FISHPACK: Fortran subprograms for solving separable elliptic partial differential equations (PDEs)
  • FISHPACK 90: FISHPACK subprograms with a Fortran 90 interface
  • MUDPACK: Multigrid Fortran subprograms for solving separable and non-separable elliptic PDEs
  • SPHEREPACK: A Fortran library for modeling geophysical processes

The libraries are available for downloading here on GitHub: NCAR Classic Libraries for-Geophysics.