2020 Presentations

2020 interns in an online meeting

Interns in an online meeting during their 2020 virtual internships.

SIParCS & NCAR-Wyoming Presentations

Site Survey for Large Solar Coronagraph

Declan Emmons, University of Wyoming, NCAR-Wyoming Internship Program

Using Machine Learning to Find a Mapping Between States of Polarization and Atmospheric Model Variables

Mehdi Nourelahi, University of Wyoming, NCAR-Wyoming Internship Program

Assessing Portability of MOM6 to GPUs Using OpenACC

Briley James, University of Wyoming; G. Dylan Dickerson, University of Delaware; Matthew Stack, NCAR-Wyoming Internship Program.

Building the Python Equivalent of the NCL Visualization Gallery

Heather Rose Craker, Purdue University

Building the Python Equivalent of the NCL Visualization Gallery

Claire Fiorino, San Diego State University

Cross Reference Monitoring of Supercomputers and Support Infrastructure

Steven Rivera, University of Puerto Rico

Formatting Fortran in the ROSE Compiler

Skylar Neuendorff, Rice University

Developing an Image-Based Augmented Reality System for Meteo AR

Shiqi Sheng, University of Michigan

Object-Oriented Software Development with Agile Scrum

Elaheh "Ela" Jamali, Berea College

Analysis of FastEddy Model Data on GPUs

Xuechang "Shay" Liu, Indiana University

CESM Load Balancing Development: Python Scripts for Workflow

Thomas Hilton Johnson III, Elizabeth City State University

CESM Load Balancing Development-Optimizer Study

Soudeh Kamali, University of Wyoming

Using Probabilistic Machine Learning to Estimate Ocean Mixed Layer Depth from Satellite and In-Situ Data Sources

Dallas Foster, Oregon State University

Developing a Real-Time Weather Museum Touchscreen

Obsmara "Mara" Ulloa, Northeastern Illinois University

Evaluating Two Approaches to Automated Code Refactoring

Shivani Singh, Boise State University

Investigating Internet-of-Things (IoT) Platforms for 3D Printed Weather Stations 

Geeta Nain, Purdue University

Using Neural Networks for Two-Dimensional Scientific Data Compression

Lucas Hayne, University of Colorado, Boulder

SIParCS Alumni Through the Years

Jessica "Jess" Hoopengardner, Indiana University