High-End Services Section (HSS)

"CISL's High-End Services Section of NCAR is a world leader in supercomputing for the geosciences, providing services to NCAR and over 60 UCAR member universities in the U.S. and affiliates worldwide."

The High-End Services Section (HSS) is responsible for systems engineering, administration, and management of the computational and storage resources and services provided by CISL to NCAR and its member institutions. HSS provides resources and services for computation, data analysis, data post-processing, visualization, large scale data sharing and mass storage.

Data Analysis Services Group (DASG)

The Data Analysis Services Group provides advanced data analysis, data-postprocessing and visual computing facilities aimed at solving the most challenging data analysis and visualization problem.



Mass Storage Services Group (MSSG)

The Mass Storage Services Group is responsible for maintaining all of the software and hardware associated with NCAR's High Performance Storage System (HPSS). This includes all of the HPSS server software. MSSG also maintains the host software that runs on all of CISL's supercomputers and many other servers that provide direct access to HPSS devices utilizing the "third-party transfer" mechanism.

 In addition to maintaining the existing infrastructure, MSSG continuously upgrades HPSS to take advantage of the latest disk, tape, and automated tape library technologies.

Supercomputing Services Group (SSG)

The Supercomputer Services Group is responsible for system engineering and software development in support of the installation, configuration, administration, and maintenance of all production NCAR supercomputer holdings that are under the stewardship of CISL.