OSD: Operations and Services Division

The Operations and Services Division (OSD) contains five sections: the Data Support Section (DSS), the Enterprise Services Section (ESS), the High-end Services Section (HSS), the Networking and Telecommunications Section (NETS), and the User Services Section (USS).

Data Support Section

DSS provides historical research data to scientists involved in meteorological and oceanographic research. DSS leads and participates in a broad range of special projects to improve the value of research data throughout the community. DSS provides extensive customer service to researchers using this resource.

Enterprise Services Section

ESS is committed to delivering secure, reliable, high-quality, customer-focused services and infrastructure around the clock 365 days per year. ESS achieves this by integrating staff with commercial and internally developed products to provision enterprise-class services. This innovative focus helps ensure that the organization continues to enjoy a solid technological infrastructure with reliable critical services and associated support systems that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

High-end Services Section

HSS is responsible for systems engineering, administration, and management of the computational and storage resources and services that CISL provides to NCAR and its member institutions. This includes equipment for data analysis, data post-processing, visualization, and large-scale data sharing. In addition to managing NCAR's supercomputers and mass storage archives, HSS also designs, engineers, administers, and maintains NCAR's world-class High Performance Storage System.

Networking and Telecommunications Section

NETS is responsible for the planning, engineering, installation, operation, and maintenance of state-of-the-art networking and data communications facilities at NCAR and UCAR. NETS supports all CISL internal networking needs as well as the networking portion of advanced projects that are a product of outside or interagency funding. This includes regional, national, and international networking project support. NETS is a principal collaborator in several nationally recognized networking and data communications research and development projects. NETS hosts and presents at national and regional meetings on a variety of networking projects. NETS provides a vital service to the atmospheric and oceanographic research communities by linking supercomputing resources (including mass storage systems and other data communication resources) to scientists at NCAR and throughout the university research community.

User Services Section

USS is responsible for working with CISL users, managing the processes by which they get access to CISL resources, managing the user environment on CISL's HPC resources, and providing end-user documentation and advanced computational consulting services. The User Services Section coordinates efforts to review CISL's cross-cutting customer support workflows from the users' perspective and ensure that they operate as efficiently and as conveniently as possible.