NCAR Data Search

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Research Data Archive (RDA)

The Research Data Archive (RDA) contains a large, diverse collection of meteorological and oceanographic observations, operational and reanalysis model outputs, and remote sensing data sets to support atmospheric and geosciences research.


Geoscience Data Exchange

GDEX distributes and preserves open-access data from diverse sources, including data that underlie publications by NCAR staff, and data from selected external NSF-funded projects and facilities.


CMIP Analysis Platform

Among the data services CISL provides is the CMIP Analysis Platform, which gives researchers convenient access to Coupled Model Intercomparison Project climate data for their work on NCAR's analysis and visualization systems.


Study the classics

NCAR’s classic math libraries are a geophysics mainstay that includes the Fortran libraries FFTPACK, FISHPACK, MUDPACK, and SPHEREPACK.

These libraries, developed at NCAR from 1970 to 1990, are still in use thanks to the value they bring to the scientific community.

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Distill your data

VAPOR is the Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere, and Solar Researchers. It provides an interactive 3D visualization environment that can produce animations and still frame images.

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Input, analyze, plot

GeoCAT is the Geoscience Community Analysis Toolkit. It creates scalable data analysis and visualization tools for Earth system science data in the scientific Python ecosystem.

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Aim to get answers

DART is the Data Assimilation Research Testbed. Its data assimilation capabilities provide a bridge between real-world data and a wide range of computational models, with a rigorous framework.

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