VisLab operational after significant upgrades

The newly refurbished NCAR Visualization Laboratory (VisLab) is operational again following the installation in April of new display, audio, and control systems. Located at the Mesa Lab, the facility was built in 2000 and last upgraded in 2009. Since then, modern A/V equipment took an evolutionary leap with the advent of 4K resolution and other key technologies.

High-resolution video wall

A high-resolution video wall in the recently upgraded VisLab. Multiple tiled full-HD video screens greatly enhance visualization capabilities without distracting noise that was present with the previous projection system.

CISL began an RFP process in FY2018 to refresh VisLab technology to support the display of modern climate and weather models at full data resolution and to enable viewing of small-scale processes in important areas like turbulence with more clarity and detail than ever before. CISL selected a vendor, Mechdyne Corporation, to install a 4x3-flat-panel-based video wall with 12 times (7680x3240) the previous display resolution. The video switcher, audio and control systems, and other A/V components also were enhanced to keep the facility current with modern technology, extend CISL’s education and outreach capabilities, and provide an engaging platform for presenting NCAR science.