Turbulent Times

By Brian Bevirt
02/15/2008 - 12:00am

Yearly IMAGe workshop series to focus on turbulence applied to the geosciences

IMAGe's Theme-of-the-Year (TOY) is a year-long focus on a specific aspect of applied mathematics and the geosciences, designed to advance research and education between the mathematical and geoscience communities.

The TOY08 will feature a series of three workshops that will focus on studies of turbulence and culminate in a summer school. The first of the workshops will be held at NCAR on February 27-29, on the topic of "Turbulent Theory and Modeling." It will explore the problem of turbulent theory and modeling in the atmospheric and oceanic sciences, and related geophysical fluid dynamical (GFD) processes. The session will focus on advancing the state of the art in theory and modeling in a broad class of GFD applications ranging from global to sub-mesoscale, while identifying open problems and pressing needs in the field.

The TOY08 will be led by Professor Keith Julien (Applied Mathematics, University of Colorado at Boulder) and Annick Pouquet (Director, Geophysical Turbulence Program, NCAR). Subsequent workshops are "Petascale Computing for Geophysical Turbulence," 5-7 May, and "Observing the Turbulent Atmosphere: Sampling Strategies, Technology, and Applications," 28-30 May. The 2008 TOY offerings will conclude with a summer school on geophysical turbulence from 14 July to 1 August, featuring lectures by leading researchers in this field.

For more information, please see the TOY Web site.


Examples of turbulent flows at the surface of the sun, in the earth's atmosphere, in the Gulf Stream at the ocean surface, and in a volcanic eruption. (Images courtesy of NASA, NOAA, and USGS.)