SIParCS students presentation schedule

Aug 1, 2017

SIParCS 2017 group photo

Wednesday August 2

9:00 - Introduction - Rich Loft

9:05 - "Supercomputer Infiniband Fabric Analysis" Ananta Thapaliya, Claflin University

9:25 - "Vectorizing and Parallelizing NCL Routines for Improved Performance" Supreeth Suresh, University of Wyoming

9:45 - "Supercomputer Infiniband Fabric Analysis" Zhenzhen Liu, Stevens Institute of Technology

10:05 - "Implementation of a Discontinuous Galerkin 3D Euler Solver on many-core CPUs and GPUs" Pranay Reddy Kommera, University of Wyoming

10:25 - "Highly Concurrent Fundamental Visualization Algorithms and Emerging Processor Architectures" Cuong Manh "Kevin" Nguyen, University of Mississippi


Thursday August 3

9:00 - Introduction - Rich Loft

9:05 - "Informing the Prediction of Compression Method and Level for Climate Models Using Variable Features" Nicolas Rodriguez Jeangros, Colorado School of Mines

9:25 - "Optimizing the Statistical Compression Method" Yun Joon Soh, Stony Brook University-SUNY

9:45 - "Facilitating Fortran and C Interoperability with the h2m-AutoFortran Tool" Michelle Anderson, University of Minnesota

10:05 - "CAPSTONE: Application Development Principles and Technologies" Derrick Jackson, Jackson State University

10:25 - "Capstone Microservices: Docker Application Deployment on the AWS Cloud" Adrien Bizimana, Tennessee State University


Friday August 4

9:00 - Introduction - Rich Loft

9:05 - "PySpark for "Big" Atmospheric and Oceanic Data Analysis" Anderson Banihirwe, University of Arkansas-Little Rock

9:25 - "Parallel implementation of the multiresolution approximation method" Marcin JurekTexas A&M University

9:45 - "Vertical Remapping and Energy Conservation in the Community Atmosphere Model, CAM" Manuel Valera, San Diego State University/ Claremont Graduate University

10:05 - "HPC Scheduler Optimization Using Machine Learning Project" Hoang Nguyen, Messiah College

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