New supercomputer triples NCAR computing with greater efficiency

Mar 20, 2017

NCAR is launching operations this month of one of the world’s most powerful and energy-efficient supercomputers, providing the nation with a major new tool to advance understanding of the atmospheric and related Earth system sciences. Named “Cheyenne,” the 5.34-petaflops system can perform more than triple the amount of scientific computing provided by its predecessor, the Yellowstone supercomputer. Cheyenne is also three times more energy efficient.

Cheyenne back panel

Coolant and electrons flow in and out of the back panel of every node in Cheyenne. 

Photo courtesy of Carlye Calvin.

“Cheyenne will help us advance the knowledge needed for saving lives, protecting property, and enabling U.S. businesses to better compete in the global marketplace,” said Antonio J. Busalacchi, president of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. “This system is turbocharging our science.”

While Yellowstone continues running through 2017, NCAR now offers four times the supercomputing capacity available last year.

Please read the full press release in AtmosNews.