New CISL consultant speaks on updates to Fortran 2008

By Brian Bevirt
01/13/2012 - 12:00am
Dan NagleDan Nagle (photo by Brian Bevirt)

Dan Nagle recently started working as a user consultant in CISL. With 40 years of experience in Fortran and parallel computing, Dan is now helping our users with high performance computing (HPC), vector and parallel Fortran, porting codes to new platforms, and designing and implementing parallelism. Dan has been teaching people to program with coarrays since 1998, and he recently completed his Ph.D. in Computational Science with an emphasis in HPC.

You can contact CISL's consultants via any of the four methods listed on the CISL Help page.

Contribute to updating the Fortran standard

On Thursday 19 January at the Mesa Lab Main Seminar Room, you can offer input to the International Standards Organization's (ISO) process to extend the Fortran 2008 standard.

For the past 12 years, Dan has been serving on the Fortran Standards Technical Committee J3, which is currently developing extensions to Fortran 2008. At the 19 January UCAR Software Engineering Assembly (SEA) forum, Dan will describe these extensions, which include recommendations for including coarrays in Fortran. Dan will also discuss the February and June 2012 standards meetings to revise Fortran 2008. Dan will participate in those meetings, and he wants to include your ideas about these revisions.

The web page Fortran standard changes provides details about the SEA forum. Please mark your calendar and bring your ideas and concerns.