NCAR encourages transition from NCL to Python

In a letter to NCAR Command Language (NCL) users on 6 February, 2019, NCAR announced its decision to move to Python as the scripting language of choice for future visualization and analysis software development.

NCAR Command Language logo

The NCL scripting language will be placed into maintenance mode. NCAR staff will focus efforts on migrating existing key NCL functions to, and developing new functions for, the Python ecosystem. NCL (the language) will be moved into a more open development software platform to allow for continued community development. Existing NCL users will be encouraged, but not required, to migrate to NCAR's new collection of Python-based functions once a critical mass of capability becomes available.

The NCL community has always been vibrant and engaged. We are thankful for their support and patience as we manage this transition.

To read the full letter, please visit the NCL website.