Enabling Petascale Geophysical Simulation

By Staff
03/20/2012 - 12:00am
John Dennis

CISL's Dr. John Dennis described innovations that enable the use of very large scale cyberinfrastructure for geophysical simulation, in a recent talk at the Mesa Lab. He explained that capitalizing on the large increases in processor cores of current supercomputing resources is not a trivial matter, posing a series of challenges when scaling code to these massively parallel systems.

In his presentation, Dennis discussed three approaches to tackle these challenges:

  • A partitioning algorithm focused on space filling, which has enabled multiple Community Earth System Model (CESM) components to scale to very large processor counts
  • A parallel I/O library (PIO) that greatly reduces the memory footprint and increases the sustained I/O bandwidth for geoscience applications
  • A design for a Krylov solver used for seismic tomography that significantly increases its scalability