Data capacity doubles for Cheyenne supercomputer

Jan 11, 2017

CISL’s Mass Storage Services Group (MSSG) has been busy at the NWSC, working to integrate storage systems with Cheyenne, the new supercomputer recently installed at the NWSC.

Acceptance testing is now complete on two new Oracle SL8500 libraries that have been fully integrated into the existing library complex at NWSC for CISL’s HPSS archival system. The system serves both the HPC space and divisional servers throughout NCAR/UCAR. The additional libraries have doubled data capacity from 160 to 320 petabytes, and the robotics capability has also doubled to help with an increasing demand for tape mounts. 

NWSC team in charge of system upgrades that doubled the Cheyenne supercomputer's data capacity

Marc Genty, Bill Anderson, and Erich Thanhardt were in charge of system upgrades that doubled data capacity at the NWSC (image by Eliott Foust).

Data archive holdings as of October 2016 stand at around 66 PB and 241 million files, with growth since Yellowstone began production averaging around 1.25 PB per month. With the advent of Cheyenne, total data growth is expected to increase threefold in 2017. The new libraries will be a key component in the ability to meet the new demand.

The new libraries will also position the HPSS system to more easily assimilate the next generation of tape technology, which will represent substantial cost-effectiveness increases in tape capacity and throughput.