CISL Team Wins UCAR Administrative Achievement Award

By Marijke Unger
01/21/2014 - 12:00am

The administrative team responsible for making the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center (NWSC) a reality was honored at the 2013 UCAR Awards ceremony for the completion of the NWSC computing facility under budget and ahead of schedule.

Krista Laursen, Aaron Andersen, Gary New, Amy Smith, Amy Moore, Jim Van Dyke, Del Harris, Matt McMullen, and Lori Lincoln were the recipients of this Outstanding Accomplishment award, which was bestowed by UCAR President Thomas Bogdan during the event, held at NCAR’s Center Green main auditorium on December 6, 2013.

From mid 2008 through July 2012 members of the NWSC Project Office (NPO) were consumed with a massive amount of administrative work such as contract awards, designs, reviews and approvals necessary to construct a $70 million dollar state of the art computing facility.

Along the way, the team initiated, awarded and completed 12 large requests for proposals, navigated the NSF preliminary and final design reviews, prepared for and hosted seven oversight and review committees, managed 139 change orders through strict configuration management plans, and 11 non-construction change orders.

Despite the complexity of the workload, the NWSC project was delivered two months ahead of schedule and nearly $4 million under budget. With the remaining funds available, NCAR asked for and was granted NSF approval to use the funds for transition to operations costs with 24 usage requests approved and executed.

The NWSC team was the sole nominee in the administrative achievement category. Other nominees for the 2013 awards included a CISL team in the Education and Outreach category, for the design and implementation of the NWSC educational visitor center.

A listing of the nominees can be found at this link, and the final award recipients are listed here.