CISL Launches New Internship Program

By Brian Bevirt
07/09/2007 - 12:00am

The Summer Internships in Parallel Computational Science (SIParCS) Program, a prototype partnership between NCAR’s supercomputing center and selected universities, is being implemented for the first time this summer. SIParCS is sponsored and administered by CISL, and provides opportunities for exceptional students with a background in computational science, applied mathematics, computer science, or the computational geosciences to broaden their experience by working on projects with mentors from CISL’s staff.

The program, an official extension of CISL’s summer internship efforts, offers a significant opportunity to make a positive impact on the quality and diversity of the workforce needed to use and operate 21st century supercomputers. Ultimately, SIParCS aspires to help address shortages of trained scientists and engineers capable of maintaining and using these high-end systems to achieve the goals of future computational geoscience research.

SIParCS provides a framework for interns to gain practical experience with a wide variety of parallel computational science problems by working with the HPC systems and applications related to NCAR’s Earth System science mission. Seven interns were invited based on recommendations from selected academic advisors. They come from the University of Colorado, Colorado School of Mines, University of Wyoming, North Carolina State University, and University of Kentucky. Each student will work with mentors in CISL’s Operations and Services Division, Technology Development Division, and IMAGe for a period of 10 to 12 weeks. The internship includes a stipend, and out-of-state interns receive travel assistance and housing assistance as well.

CISL places a high priority on these summer internships and will continue to develop the program in coming years. In 2008, CISL intends to further broaden the candidate pool by running an open solicitation for all positions.



SIParCS students – Front Row: Ryan O’Kuinghttons, CSM; Kenny Gruchalla, CU;  Arunasalam Rahuynanthan, U of Wyoming; Robert House, CU. 
Back Row: Victor Snyder, CSM; Michael Levy, CU; Matthew Norman, N. Carolina State University