CISL announces the kick off of our 2009 Summer Internship program

By Staff
06/12/2009 - 12:00am

Summer Internships in Parallel Computational Science (SIParCS)

The SIParCS Program offers graduate students and undergraduate students significant hands-on R&D opportunities in high performance computing (HPC) and related fields that use HPC for scientific discovery and modeling. This program embeds students as summer interns in the Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL), an organization within NCAR charged with provisioning supercomputing and data systems to the geosciences research community, as well as conducting research and development in computational science, data analysis, scientific visualization and numerical modeling.

The 2009 SIParCS Interns began arriving in Boulder on May 19th with final group arriving on June 8th and will be onsite for 10 weeks.


  • Evan Bollig – Florida State University – Mentors: Jose Garcia and Rory Kelly, CSS.
  • Peter Bosler – University of Michigan – Mentor: Sylvia Murphy, ESMI
  • Dan Dietz – Purdue University – Mentor: Michael Oberg, CSS
  • Kathleen Ericson – Colorado State University – Mentor: John Dennis, CSS / Pat Kovatch,
  • Juan (June) Fang – North Carolina State University – Mentor: Doug Nychka, IMAGe
  • Lucas Harris – University of Washington – Mentor: Peter Lauritzen, CGD
  • Nicholas Jones – The University of Tennessee, Knoxville – Mentor: John Dennis, CSS / Pat Kovatch,
  • Kuo Liu – University of Colorado, Boulder – Mentor: Henry Tufo, CSS / Amik St- Cyr, IMAGe
  • Alan LaMielle – Colorado State University – Mentor: John Dennis, CSS
  • Chris McKinlay – University of California, Los Angeles – Mentor: John Clyne, DASG
  • Karl Pazdernik – Iowa State University – Mentor: Stephan Sain / Doug Nychka, IMAGe
  • Zong Bo Shang – University of Wyoming – Mentor: Stephan Sain, IMAGe
  • Xinqi (Jack) Wang – Louisiana State University – Mentor: Sylvia Murphy, ESMI
  • Daniel Whitt – Columbia University – Mentor: Amik St-Cyr, IMAGe.