Carolyn Mueller Retires from NCAR

By AJ Lauer
10/07/2015 - 12:00am
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Carolyn Mueller enjoys hearing from colleagues at her farewell celebration. (Photo by Brian Bevirt.)

 On October 2nd, Carolyn Mueller retired from her administrative position in CISL’s IMAGe program. When asked to reflect on her five and a half years working at NCAR, Carolyn said, “I’ve learned a lot.”

Originally from Oklahoma, Carolyn came to Colorado by way of Texas where she lived for about twenty years. She joined the IMAGe team after her previous employer, Sun Microsystems, was bought out. “My favorite part of working at NCAR is the people,” she said, smiling. “Everyone is super, super nice.”


Retirement will be anything but slow for Carolyn, who loves to travel and already has plans to visit St. Louis, Oklahoma, Vienna, and Prague within the next year. She also looks forward to working on her hobby of making porcelain dolls, taking care of her dogs, volunteering, and spending time with her granddaughter.

Carolyn loves to take care of people, which she did every day at IMAGe. She planned workshops, made travel arrangements, and helped the IMAGe program run smoothly. "Carolyn has been instrumental in ensuring that IMAGe's events and workshops go off without a logistical hitch," said Amy Moore, CISL Lab Administrator. "Colleagues and visitors alike hold her in high esteem for her conscientious coordination and travel support over the years." 
CISL and IMAGe wish Carolyn all the best with her future adventures.
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Carolyn Mueller has been part of the IMAGe team for over five years. (Photo by AJ Lauer.)