SGI Origin3800/128

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SGI Origin3800/128 Supercomputer

In use: September 1, 2004 - April 23, 2008
Production use
Peak teraflops: 0.13
Processors: 128
Clock speed: 0.50GHz
Memory (terabytes): 0.26TB
Electrical power consumption: 15.00 kW
Predecessor: SGI Origin 2000

On September 30, 2004, NCAR's SGI data analysis and processing platform Dataproc was decommissioned and replaced by a greatly enlarged SGI Origin3800 platform called Tempest. The primary purpose of Tempest is interactive data processing and analysis.

Tempest had 128 500-MHz MIPS R14000 processors, 64 gigabytes of distributed shared memory, and 4.2 terabytes of disk space. It was connected to NCAR's Mass Storage System by fibre channel and to NCAR networks by gigabit Ethernet.

Tempest ran SGI's IRIX operating system and supports Fortran 90, FORTRAN 77, C, and C++ compilers.

Tempest served NCAR for just over three and a half years, and was decommissioned on April 23, 2008, so that the Mesa Laboratory's computer room could be prepared for the arrival of a new IBM POWER6 system, Bluefire.