NWSC Recycling Procedure

NWSC works with UCAR’s Contracts Director and appointed Contracts Administrator to develop and maintain the NWSC Scrap Metal Recycling Procedures and Recycle Vendors. UCAR’s F&A Scrap Metal Recycling Procedures are found here. Per F&A Recycling Procedure Definition:  Scrap metal includes copper, steel, iron, gold, silver, aluminum (not including aluminum cans that can be placed in single stream recycling bins) and other metals of value.

NWSC Recycling Procedure

  • NWSC personnel will separate copper, steel, iron, and aluminum recycle materials into specific NWSC bins  per material as they are produced
    • NWSC recycle bins will be stored in Lower Module A (or on-site for large cabling/construction projects)
    • NWSC personnel will work with the NWSC Logistics Clerk (LC) to initiate recycling process when a NWSC recycle bin is full and/or a project is complete
    • The LC is the NWSC Recycle Team (NRT) Contact (NRTC).
    • NWSC LC will initiate an ExtraView (EV) ticket with an EV problem type:  Recycle
      • NWSC LC will be required to provide the following details in the EV request:
        • Date of request
        • Name of person requesting recycle action
        • Identify project materials recycled from
        • Identify what is being recycled (choose all required): copper, steel, iron, and aluminum
        • Estimated amount/quantity (e.g. half aluminum bin, full copper bin, etc.)
    • The EV ticket will be assigned to the NRTC and NWSC-recycle.
    • EV will email the ticket to NWSC-recycle@ucar.edu and the NRTC – all further communications referenced below and related to the EV ticket will copy NWSC-recycle@ucar.edu, which will be archived.
    • Each member of the NRT will approve the recycle request by replying to the EV email. The Acting COS Manager may approve the request on behalf of the COS Manager when necessary.
    • Once the NRT has approved the EV email, the NRTC will email the approval request to the CISL Lab Administrator (or Lab Director, in Lab Administrator’s absence) for CISL approval.
    • Once CISL approval is received, the NRTC will forward the EV email to the NWSC Office Manager (or designated back-up) to generate a modification to the existing NWSC contract N14-12322 for Recycling, and email Finance Accounting Clerk Joe Reynolds (Reynolds@ucar.edu) to let them know the NWSC is scheduling a pickup against agreement number N14-12322 with the approved vendor Ruben’s Metals LLC.
    • The NRTC will confirm when the NWSC recycle material has been transferred to the contracted vendor and report the date completed in EV.
    • The vendor will provide/send a copy of the receipt to the NRTC, or the NRTC will request the receipt if not sent and record in EV. The NRTC will email a PDF copy of the invoice to the CISL Purchasing Administrator.
    • The CISL Purchasing Administrator (or designated back-up) will scan the invoice and payment information into a PDF and save the scanned document with the following file name: Date (YYYYMMDD)_Inv (add invoice #)_Rubens Metal Pmt. An e-copy of the PDF will be filed at U:\CISL\NWSC\NWSC Recycle. The CISL Purchasing Administrator will then attach the payment information to the EV email. NOTE: Ruben’s should mail the check to UCAR in Boulder, CO, but if the payment is sent to the NWSC, the NWSC Office Manager will send the payment to the CISL Purchasing Administrator for processing and forwarding to Finance for input into account key 731775.   
    • The NWSC Budget Administrator will confirm receipt of the recycle funds in account key 731775 and notify the NRT. The NRTC will close the EV ticket.



CISL’s Purchasing Administrator – Joan Fisher (Lisa Woody as back-up)

Lab Administrator – Amy Moore

Lab Director – Al Kellie

NWSC Budget Administrator – Ellen Martinez

NWSC Cheyenne Operations Section Manager (COS Manager) – Gary New

NWSC Logistics Clerk (LC) – Jerry Sullivan

NWSC Office Manager – Lisa Woody (Joan Fisher as back-up)

NWSC Recycle Team (NRT) – Gary New, Lisa Woody, Jerry Sullivan, Ellen Martinez, Joan Fisher (Lisa Woody’s back-up)

NWSC Recycle Team Contact (NRTC) – Jerry Sullivan