CISL User/Visitor Exit Form

Use this form when a CISL-supported employee, visitor, etc. is leaving.

** note that the system will not take messages
G Suite accounts will be disabled when HR changes the status of “Staff” or “V1.” If “Staff” or “V1” want a copy of their email or Drive content, they need to use before being disabled. Accounts are disabled for 60 days and then permanently deleted. Once deleted, all calendar events owned by the account are deleted, Drive content is deleted, email is deleted and anything else associated with G Suite owned by that account is deleted permanently.

Google-Apps Account Extension Request
 To continue a G Suite account for either of the following reasons, complete the G Suite Request Form at

  • Person’s email, calendar events, Drive content or other G Suite content needs additional attention such as transferring ownership or forwarding email.

  • Person transitioning from “Staff” to Retired Casual, NCAR Distinguished Scholar, Senior Research Associate or Emeritus/Emerita status and account needs to remain open.

Please contact Joan Fisher to confirm any home equipment they may have.

Separation notice form

Property recovery form