IMAGe Seminar - Climate Extremes in an Atmosphere Model with Stochastic Parameterizations

08/13/2015 - 3:00pm

Felipe Tagle, School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Cornell University
The present work seeks to evaluate the performance of an atmosphere model with stochastic parameterizations of sub-grid scale processes in simulating observed temperature and precipitation extremes, motivated in part by evidence that fine-scale climate processes have been shown to regulate not only the mean, but also the tails of the daily temperature and precipitation distributions. Numerous studies have highlighted the importance of horizontal grid resolution on the simulation of climate extremes, but an alternative way to represent the effect of fluctuating subgrid-scale processes is by means of stochastic parameterizations. In particular, we focus on two such schemes, the stochastic kinetic-energy backscatter scheme (SKEBS) which aims to represent model uncertainty arising from unresolved subgrid-scale processes by introducing random perturbations to streamfunction and potential temperature tendencies; and the stochastically perturbed parameterization tendency (SPPT) scheme.

Thursday August 13, 2015

Mesa Laboratory- Chapman Room

Time: 3:00pm