IMAGe Groups

The Computational Mathematics Group (CMG) in IMAGe is focused on the development of novel numerical methodologies for the purpose of modeling problems that arise in atmospheric, oceanic, and solar science.
The primary goal of DAReS is to continue to advance the theory and practice of ensemble data assimilation. Also, DAReS accelerates the progress of many other NCAR projects by providing a centralized data assimilation expertise which can be coordinated with existing observational and modeling expertise.
The Geophysical Statistics Project pursues the innovative application and development of statistical methodology to address problems faced in the Earth sciences. A complementary activity is to generalize specific problems in the geophysical sciences to broad based statistical research.
RISC's goals are to: produce regional scale climate change information for use in impacts and adaptation studies, analyze the uncertainty inherent in regional scale climate change, and develop and/or participate in regional assessments of climate change.