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Tuesday, May 16th

Algorithmic Responses to Narrowing Computational Constraints for Climate Models" - Matthew Norman
"Mixed Mimetic Spectral Elements for Geophysical Flows" - David Lee
"Implicit-Explicit Time Integration Methods for Non-hydrostatic Atmospheric Models" - David Gardner
"Finite Volume Reconstructions on the Sphere using Polyharmonic Spline Radial Basis Functions" - Greg Barnett
"Beyond second-order centered differencing: An alternative view on grid staggering" - Xi Chen
"A high-order meshfree framework for solving PDEs on irregular domains and surfaces" - Varun Shankar

Wednesday, May 17th

"Exponential integrators: methods and software" - Mayya Tokman
"Semi-Lagrangian Methods for Transport on a Sphere Using Radial Basis Functions" - Grady Wright
"A High Order Conservative Semi-Lagrangian Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Two-Dimensional Transport Simulations with Positivity Preserving Property" - Xiaofeng Cai
"Conservative Multi-Moment Characteristic Galerkin Transport on the Sphere" - Peter Bosler
"Exploring options for accommodation of interfaces and boundaries in the simulation of electromagnetic wave propagation" - Brad Martin
"Numerical computations with functions defined on spherical and polar domains" - Alex Townsend
"Characteristic-Based Slow-Wave-Fast-Wave Partitioning for Semi-Implicit Time Integration of Atmospheric Flows" - Debojyoti Ghosh

Thursday, May 18th

"A Sparse Grid Discontinuous Galerkin Method for High-Dimensional Transport Equations" - Wei Guo
"Computational Methods for Storm Surge" - Kyle Mandli
"Hydro-environmental Flows in View of Particles" - Ahmed Shakibaeinia
"Large Eddy Simulation of Tsunami-triggered Coastal Inundation in the Presence of Artificial Mitigation Parks" - Simone Marras
"Stable central finite difference schemes for compressible Euler and shallow water equations" - Praveen Chandrashekarappa
"Split-explicit integrators: Recent developments " - Oswald Knoth
"SPH-REXI: A parallel-in-time method for the linear shallow-water equations on the rotating sphere with spherical harmonics" - Martin Schreiber