Erich Fischer and Reto Knutti, ETH Zurich 

Update from Reto and Erich: From theory and models to observations


Nathan Gillet, Environment and Climate Change Canada.

The detection and attribution component of CMIP6: DAMIP


Alexis Hannart, UBA Germany

Attribution of individual events based on data assimilation


Martin Hoerling, NOAA Federal

Some Lessons in Event Attribution: The Texas/Oklahoma Rains of May 2015


Geert Jan van Oldenborgh, KMNI Netherlands

Decmeber 2015 in Europe


David Karoly, University of Melbourne

Attribution of extreme events in Australia using Weather@Home ANZ

Flavio Lehner, National Center for Atmospheric Research

The importance of ENSO phase during volcanic eruptions for detection and attribution

Karen McKinnon, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Observed changes in daily temperature distributions and the probability of extremes

Friederike Otto, University of Oxford

Framing the event atrribution question- conditioning probabilities, thermodynamics and circulation, event definition


Angeline Pendergrass, CIRES

Does the scaling of extreme participation depend on forcing?

Aurélien Ribes, Météo France

D&A at Météo France - CNRM


Hideo Shiogama, National Institute for Environmental Studies Japan

Database for Policy Decision Making for Future Climate Change (d4PDF)


Richard Smith, University of North Carolina and SAMSI

Bayesian Hierarchial Models for Extreme Event Attribution

Peter Stott, Met Office Hadley Centre

Met Office Hadley Centre Update


Ying Sun, China Climate Center

Detection and Attribution Studies in China


Jun Yan and Yujing Jiang, University of Connecticut

Extreme Value Modeling for Detection and Attribution of Climate Extremes 


Xuebin Zhang, Environment and Climate Change Canada



Francis Zwiers, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium

Victoria Updates