The CI2017 Hackathon will be held on September 20th, prior to the start of the workshop. We encourage all workshop participants to attend the Hackathon. The format will be similar to the CI2015 and CI2016 Hackathons.

The Hackathon will be run using the RAMP tool developed by the Paris-Saclay Center for Data Science.

The goal for the CI2017 Hackathon will be to predict the amount of rainfall in northern California from December through February given monthly averaged atmospheric fields from the previous November. To prepare for the Hackathon, please download the GitHub repository here. Attendees should bring their own laptop and follow the setup instructions to ensure that they have a functioning Python environment. To get a head start, try out the "Starting Kit" ipython notebook. The starting kit notebook is subject to change leading up to the Hackathon. Please check the Github page for the latest updates.

Please see the Agenda for logistics, and contact David John Gagne II with any questions you have about the starting kit.