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A. Banerjee, W. Ding, J. Dy, V. Lyubchich, A. Rhines (Eds.), I. Ebert-Uphoff, C. Monteleoni, D. Nychka (Series Eds.), Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Climate Informatics: CI 2016. NCAR Technical Note NCAR/TN-529+PROC, Sept 2016, 159 pp., doi: 10.5065/D6K072N6.

The ISBN number (optional use in citation) is 978-0-9973548-1-2.

Covariance Structure Analysis of Climate Model Output
Chintan Dalal, Doug Nychka and Claudia Tebaldi

From Climate Data to a Weighted Network Between Functional Domains
Constantine Dovrolis, Annalisa Bracco, Bistra Dilkina and Ilias Fountalis

Predicting Execution Time of Climate-Driven Ecological Forecasting Models
Scott Farley and John Williams

Detecting Multivariate Biosphere Extremes
Yanira Guanche Garcia, Erik Rodner, Milan Flach, Sebastian Sippel, Miguel Mahecha and Joachim Denzler

Prediction of Extreme Rainfall using Hybrid Convolutional -Long Short Term Memory Networks
Sulagna Gope, Sudeshna Sarkar and Pabitra Mitra

Spatiotemporal Analysis of Seasonal Precipitation over US using Co-clustering
Mohammad Gorji-Sefidmazgi and Clayton Morrison

Multiple Instance Learning for burned area mapping using multi -temporal reflectance data
Guruprasad Nayak, Varun Mithal and Vipin Kumar

Bayesian Models for Climate Reconstruction from Pollen Records
Lasse Holmström, Liisa Ilvonen, Heikki Seppä and Siim Veski

Information transfer across temporal scales in atmospheric dynamics
Nikola Jajcay and Milan Paluš

Employing Software Engineering Principles to Enhance Management of Climatological Datasets for Coral Reef Analysis
Mark Jenne, Mehmet Dalkilic and Claudia Johnson

Mapping Plantation in Indonesia
Xiaowei Jia, Ankush Khandelwal, James Gerber, Kimberly Carlson, Paul West and Vipin Kumar

OceanTEA: Exploring Ocean-Derived Climate Data Using Microservices
Arne N. Johanson, Sascha Flögel, Wolf-Christian Dullo and Wilhelm Hasselbring

Global Monitoring of Surface Water Extent Dynamics using Satellite Data
Anuj Karpatne, Ankush Khandelwal and Vipin Kumar

A Nonparametric Copula Based Bias Correction Method for Statistical Downscaling
Yi Li, Adam Aidong Ding and Jennifer Dy

Relational Recurrent Neural Networks for Spatio-temporal Interpolation from Multi-resolution Climate Data
Guangyu Li and Yan Liu

Analysis of Amazon Droughts using Supervised Kernel Principal Component Analysis
Carlos Lima and Amir Aghakouchak

Deep Learning for Climate Pattern Detection
Yunjie Liu, Evan Racah, Prabhat Mr, Joaquin Correa, Amir Khosrowshahi, David Lavers, Kenneth Kunkel, Michael Wehner and William Collins

Spatio-Temporal Generative Models for Rainfall over India
Adway Mitra

Improved Analysis Of Earth System Models And Observations Using Simple Climate Models
Balasubramanya Nadiga and Nathan Urban

Incorporating Prior Knowledge in spatio-temporal neural network for climatic data
Arthur Pajot, Ali Ziat, Ludovic Denoyer and Patrick Gallinari

Detecting and Predicting Beautiful Sunsets Using Social Media Data
Emma Pierson

A Bayesian Predictive Analysis of Daily Precipitation Data
Sai Kumar Popuri, Nagaraj Neerchal and Amita Mehta

Profiler Guided Manual Optimization for Accelerating Cholesky Decomposition on R Environment
Vinay Ramakrishnaiah, Raghuraj Prasanna Kumar, John Paige, Dorit Hammerling and Doug Nychka

Optimal Selection of Ensemble Boundary Conditions for Climate Downscaling
Andrew Rhines and Naomi Goldenson

Dimensionality-Reduction of Climate Data using Deep Autoencoders
Juan Saenz, Nicholas Lubbers and Nathan Urban

Data-Driven Approach to Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Clustering
Ethan Schaeffer, Jeremy Testa, Yulia Gel and Vyacheslav Lyubchich

Tracking of Tropical Intraseasonal Convective Anomalies
Bohar Singh and James L. Kinter

Spatiotemporal pattern extraction with data-driven Koopman Operators for Convectively Coupled Equatorial Waves
Joanna Slawinska and Dimitrios Giannakis

Toward quantifying tropical cyclone risk using diagnostic indices
Erica Staehling and Ryan Truchelut

Synergy and analogy between 15 years of microwave SST and along-track SSH
Pierre Tandeo, Aitor Atencia and Cristina Gonzalez-Haro

Combining Observations of Tropical Cyclone Windspeed and Central Pressure for Optimal Intensity Estimates
Suz Tolwinski-Ward

Simple and Efficient Tensor Regression for Spatio-Temporal Forecasting
Rose Yu and Yan Liu

Identifying precipitation regimes in China using model-based clustering of spatial functional data
Haozhe Zhang, Zhengyuan Zhu and Shuiqing Yin

Long-Lead Prediction of Extreme Precipitation Cluster via a Spatio-Temporal Convolutional Neural Network
Yong Zhuang and Wei Ding