Beyond P-Values Course: The Statistics of Extremes

Mar. 28 to Mar. 30, 2016

9:00 am – 4:00 pm MDT

NCAR Fleischmann Building

Course Overview

This three-day school is geared towards climate and environmental scientists and hydrologists who would like to learn about the statistical analysis of extreme events. Please see the agenda for details on the content.

The open source R statistical software and its packages tailored to extremes will be used on simple examples.

This course is organized by Philippe Naveau. The instructors are Eric Gilleland, Rick Katz, Dan Cooley (CSU), and Emeric Thibaud (CSU). Doug Nychka, Dorit Hammeriling, and other experts in statistics will provide additional support during the hands-on R sessions.


Introduction to Univariate Extreme Value Theory in climate sciences

Introduction to Multivariate Extreme Value Theory in climate sciences

Special Topics: Detection and Attribution for Extremes


Space is limited in this course, please complete an application by March 1, 2016 to be considered. You will be notified by March 4, 2016 if your application has been accepted. Please contact Dorit Hammeriling at with questions.

Course Materials

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Rick Katz

Emeric Thibaud

Dan Cooley

Philippe Naveau

Eric Gilleland