Please see each day for specific information


3:00-5:00pm     Early Registration

5:00-7:00pm     Welcome Reception

9:00am    Welcome Coffee

9:45am    Opening Remarks/Anke Kamrath

10:00am "Present State and Future of Computing at ECMWF"
                Martin Palkovič

10:30am  Break

11:00am "NERSC 9: A Pre-Exacscale System for Simulation, Data,
                and Learning"

                Richard Gerber
                National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

11:30am  Vendor- Cray
              "Cray's Vision for converged architectures and emerging
                HPC technologies"
                Ilene Carpenter

12:00pm Lunch

1:30pm   Vendor- PGI
              "PGI Compiler Assisted Software Testing"
               Dave Norton

2:00pm  "Applying Data Analytics and Machine Learning to Storage
               Systems to Help Meet Organizational Goals"

               Bill Anderson

2:30pm "The New Innovation Game: Rebooting Infrastructure for
              more productive Climate, Weather, Earth, and
              Environmental Systems Research"

              Ben Evans
              National Computational Infrastructure (Australia)

3:00pm  Break

3:30pm "Data Assimilation using the US National Water Model:
              Application to Hurricane Florence"

              Moha el Gharamti

4:00pm "Pangeo: The quest to give scientists back their flow"
              Niall Robinson
              UK Met Office Informatics Lab

4:30pm "Climate modeling workflow at IPSL: Producing (a lot of)
              CMIP6 simulations and making sense of them"
              Sébastien Denvil
              Institute Pierre Simon Laplace (IPSL)

5:00pm Reception

8:00am    Welcome Coffee

9:00am   "NCAR's CMIP6 Efforts"
                Sheri Mickelson

9:30am   "Ultra-high resolution supercell simluations visualized
                with Vapor 3"
                Leigh Orf
                University of Wisconsin

10:00am "How to use deep learning in weather and climate

                Peter Dueben
                European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts

10:30am  Break

11:00am  Vendor-Mellanox
                "InfiniBand In-Network Computing Technology for
                 Compute Intensive Applications"

                 Richard Graham

11:30am "Accelerating Improvements cycle in the climate
               modeling enterprise"
                Antonio Navarra
                Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change (CMCC)

12:00pm "Status of climate prediction and future challenges"
                François Counillon
                Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center

12:30pm  Afternoon off

2:00pm   Bus leaves for Lake Orta Excursion
               ~4 hour excursion

8:00am    Welcome Coffee

9:00am    "The Daniel K. Inoue Solar Telescope (DKIST): A Next
                 Generation Ground Based Solar Telescope"
                 Alisdair Davey
                 National Solar Observatory

10:00am "Machine Learning and Data Driven HPC at NCAR:
                Strategy and State of Play"

                Rich Loft

10:30am  Break

11:00am "CMIP6 data infrastructure at DKRZ"
               Stephan Kindermann
               German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ)

11:30am  Vendor- ARM
              "Applications performance on Arm HPC architecture"
               Phil Ridley

12:00pm Lunch

1:30pm   Vendor- NVIDIA
             "GPU Benefits for Applications in Weather and Climate"
              Stan Posey and David Hall

2:00pm "Evolving HPC and application design toward a couple data
              assimilation system at NASA suitable for emerging
              Exascale platforms"

              William Putman

2:30pm "ESiWACE, the Center of Excellence in Simulation of
              Weather and Climate in Europe"

              Joachim Biercamp

3:00pm  Break

3:30pm  Vendor- Intel
             “Insight into Intel innovations that will bring
              enhancement for HPC applications”

              Andrea Luiselli

4:00pm "Insights into Cloud Technologies and Machine Learning
              for Scientific Data"
              Sara Graves
              University of Alabama, Huntsville

4:30pm  "Toward Global Mesoscale Climate Prediction"
              James Kinter
              Center for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies

5:00pm   Adjourn until Banquet

7:00pm   Banquet

8:00am    Welcome Coffee

9:00am   "Machine Learning at the Met Office"
                Niall Robinson
                UK Met Office Informatics Lab

9:30am    "E3SM Data Management and Publication"
                 Rick Wagner

10:00am   "The Future of Scientific Observation: Artificial
                  Intelligence at the Edge"
                 Pete Beckman
                 Argonne National Laboratory

10:30am  Break

11:00am "NCAR Plan for Science at Scale"
               Jeff de La Beaujardiere

11:30am  "New Frontiers in CI and Computing for Climate and
                Weather Applications and How They Relate to the NSF
                Ten Big Ideas"

                Subashree Mishra
                U.S. National Science Foundation

12:00pm  Lunch

1:30pm   "The Current Status of High Performance Computing and
                CMIP6 at CMA"

                Dr. Wang Bin
                National Meteorological Information Centre, CMA

2:00pm  "NCAR's Next Procurement: Meeting User's Reliability and
               Storage Demands"

               David Hart

2:30pm   "Preliminary Study Result of Purpose Build 
               Computing for Weather and Climate Models"
                Tsengdar Lee

3:00pm   Concluding Remarks/Anke Kamrath

3:30pm   Farewell Reception