iCAS 2017 Program

Please see each day for specific information.

3:00-5:00    Early Registration

5:00-7:00    Reception - Remembering Al Kellie

8:45           Welcoming Remarks
                  Anke Kamrath

9:00           Keynote - "Modeling at NCAR: Pushing the
                  Frontiers of Weather and Climate Prediction"

                  Dr. Andrew Gettelman

10:00         "Climate Change Service,
                  The Climate Data Store & its toolbox"

                  Baudouin Raoult

10:30          Break

11:00         "Preparing the NERSC Community for Next-
                  Generation HPC Architectures"

                  Richard Gerber
                  National Energy Research Scientific Computing
                  Center (NERSC)

11:30          Vendor - Hewlett Packard Enterprise
                   "High Performance Computing and Artificial Intelligence"
                   Eng Lim Goh

12:00          Lunch in the La Brasserie

1:30            Vendor - Intel
                   "A Systems Architecture for Imbedding Predictive
                   Climate Simulation in the Digital Economy"

                   Dr. Mark Seager

2:00            "KIAPS next generation global model"
                   Young C. Kwon
                   Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems

2:30            "Beyond Earth Simulator"
                   Makoto Tsukakoshi
                   Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and
                   Technology (JAMSTEC)

3:00             Break

3:30             "Development of a Decision Making Support
                    System for Responding to Natural Disasters"

                    Minsu Joh

4:00             "Workflow-Driven Geoinformatics Applications
                    and Training in the Big Data Era"

                    Ilkay Altintas

4:30            "Environmental Sensing at the Edge:
                   Waggle and the Array of Things"

                   Peter Beckman
                   Argonne National Laboratory

5:00-6:00     Reception in the Foyer 


8:00-9:00        Welcome Coffee in the Foyer

9:00                "Canadian Adventures in HPC Migration"
                       Luc Corbeil
                       Shared Services Canada

9:30                "Ensemble forecast system design for
                       high-impact weather prediction applications"

                       Glen Romine

10:00              "On the Development of an Integrated
                       Data-Driven Modelling and Forecasting
                       System for the Red Sea"

                       Ibrahim Hoteit
                       KAUST/Saudia Arabia

10:30              Break

11:00-12:30    "Data Compression Panel"
                       Chair: Dorit Hammerling, NCAR
                       Allison Baker, NCAR
                       Peter Lindstrom, LLNL
                       Luis Kornblueh, Max Planck Institute
                       Niklas Roeber, DKRZ

12:30              Vendor - NVIDIA/PGI
                       "NVIDIA Developments for Earth
                       System Modeling"

                       Dave Norton

Afternoon Off

8:00-9:00        Welcome Coffee in the Foyer

9:00                Keynote
                       "The U.S. D.O.E. Exascale Computing
                       Project - Goals and Challenges"

                       Paul Messina
                       Argonne National Lab

10:00              "Project Zeta: an integrated simulation
                       and analysis platform for earth system science"

                       Dr. Richard Loft

10:30              Break

11:00              "Sunway TaihuLight:
                       "Designing and Tuning Scientific Applications
                       at the Scale of 10 million Cores"

                       Haohuan Fu
                       Tsinghua University, Bejing, China

11:30              Vendor - Mellenox
                       "Next Generation of Co-Processors Emerges-
                       In-Network Computing"

                       Dr. Richard Graham                    

12:00              Lunch in the La Brasserie

1:30                Vendor - Cray
                       "Emerging data analysis technologies for
                       the Earth Sciences"

                       Dr. Phil Brown

2:00                "Balancing Model Resolution
                       and Ensemble Size"

                       James L. Kinter
                       COLA / George Mason University

3:00                Break

3:30- 5:00       "CMIP6 Analytics and Workflows Panel"
                       Chair: Eric Nienhouse, NCAR
                       Reto Knutti, ETH
                       Philip Kershaw, STFC
                       Sebastien Denvi, IPSL
                       Takahiro Inoue, RIST

6:00-7:00        Cocktails in the Foyer

7:00-10:00      Banquet in the Rotonde de l'Europe

8:00-9:00       Welcome Coffee in the Foyer

9:00               "From Simulation to Analytics: Towards a
                      Cyber Infrastructure for Exascale Global
                      Circulation Models"

                      Dr. Tsengdar Lee
                      NASA Center for Climate Simulations

9:30              "ECMWF's Next Generation IO for the IFS
                      Model and Product Generation: Future
                      workflow adaptations"

                      Baudouin Raoult

10:00             Vendor - IBM
                      "Workflow Support for Weather Simulation"
                      Yoonho (Yoon) Park

10:30             Break

11:00             "World Data Center for Climate at DKRZ"
                      Hannes Thiemann

11:30             "Cheyenne and Beyond: NCAR's Research
                      Computing and Storage Roadmap to 2022"

                      Dave Hart

12:00             Lunch in the La Brasserie    

1:30               "Improvement of MPAS on the Integration
                      Speed and the Accuracy"

                      Wonsu Kim

2:00              "Performance, accuracy and bit-reproducibility
                      aspects in handling transcendental functions
                      with Cray and Intel compilers for the Met Office
                      Unified Model"

                      Dr. Ilia Bermous
                      Australian Bureau of Meteorology

2:30               Concluding Remarks