International Computing for the Atmospheric Sciences Symposium (iCAS2017)

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The 14th biennial International Computing for the Atmospheric Sciences Symposium will be held in Annecy, France on 10 - 14 September 2017.

International Computing in the Atmospheric Sciences 2017 (iCAS2017) is the 14th biennial symposium in a series hosted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research under sponsorship from the U.S. National Science Foundation.  iCAS2017 will bring together international colleagues to discuss information technology advances and the transformative infrastructure that allows scientists to investigate atmospheric problems as part of the Earth system model. Presentation and discussion topics include:

·      Keynote presentations from the Director of NCAR, Jim Hurrell and the project
       director of the US DOE’s Exascale Program, Paul Messina

·      High-performance computing systems and plans from various weather, climate,
       and research laboratories worldwide.

·      Two panels; "Data Compression"  and "CMIP6 Analytics and Workflows Panel" .

·      Big Data challenges in the atmospheric sciences.

·      Adapting weather and climate Applications to next-generation HPC architectures.

·      Several topics on prediction, predictability and data assimilation.

The workshop will also include presentations from key industry vendors.