iCAS 2015


1300-1700 Early Registration
1830-2000   Welcome Reception


0800-1700 Registration Desk Open
 800 Welcome Coffee
845 NCAR Welcome - Al Kellie, NCAR
850 Opening Remarks/Morning Chair -Anke Kamrath, NCAR
900 KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Justin Small, NCAR
"The Use of Yellowstone for Very High Resolution Climate Runs"
1000 Bryan Lawrence, National Centre for Atmospheric Science - UK 
"UK Academic Infrastructure to Support (big) Environmental Science"
1030 Break
1100 Michael Lautenschlager, DKRZ
  "CMIP Data Management and Challenges at DKRZ"
1130 Zaphiris Christidis, LENOVO
  "Solving Helmholtz's Equation in NWP Models With a Stabilized Bi-conjugate Gradient Iterative Solver"
1200 Lunch
1400 Afternoon Session Chair - Allison Baker, NCAR
1400 Michael Patterson, INTEL 
  "A CORAL System and Implications for Future HPC Hardware and Data Centers"
1430 Torsten Wilde, Leibniz Supercomputing Centre
   "I Don't Want to Move to the Artic - A HPC Data Center Take on PUE and Energy Efficiency"
1500 Break
1530 Sheri Mickelson, NCAR
  "CESM CMIP6 Data Workflow"
1600  V. Balaji, NOAA
  "Recent Advances in Coupling in the GFDL Flexible Modeling System"


0800-1300 Registration Desk Open
800 Welcome Coffee
850 Opening Remarks/Morning Chair - John Clyne, NCAR
900 Warren Washington, NCAR
  "Climate Change Modeling: Present and Future"
930 Leigh Orf, CIMSS/University of Wisconsin
  "Simulating and Visualizing Tornadic Thunderstorms at Ultra High-Resolution"
1000 Greg Astfalk, HEWLETT PACKARD
  "Computation Matters Less Than Communication and Memory"
1030 Allison Baker, NCAR
  "An Ensemble-based Consistency Test for CESM"      
1100 Break
1130 Stan Posey, NVIDIA
  "GPU Considerations of ESMs for the Pre-Exascale HPC Phase"
1200 Oliver Fuhrer, MeteoSwiss
  "Co-designing a System for Regional Weather and Climate Prediction"



0800-1700 Registration Desk Open
800 Welcome Coffee
850 Opening Remarks/Morning Chair - Al Kellie, NCAR
900 Keynote Speaker - Don Grice, IBM
  "40 Year Perspective of Technical Computing at IBM"
1000 Dave Norton, PGI

1030 Break
1100 Hank Childs, University of Oregon
  "Exascale Visualization: Get Ready for a Whole New World"
1130 Rich Graham, MELLANOX
  "Paving the Road to Exascale"
1200 Lunch
1400 Afternoon Session Chair - Steve Worley, NCAR
1400 Laurent Chardon/Luc Corbeil, Canadian Met Office
 "Canadian Meteorological Centre HPC Renewal Initiative"
1430 Isabella Weger, ECMWF
  "ECMWF System Update"
1500 Break
1530 Adam Voysey, MetOffice, UK
  "An Update on the Met Office HPC"
1600 Doug Schuster, NCAR
  "Accessing Multi-TB-sized Datasets: RDA"
1630 Joachim Biercamp, DKRZ
 "DKRZ System and European Commission Center of Excellance in Simulation of Climate and Weather"
1800 Banquet Dinner


0930-1600 Registration Desk Open
930  Delayed Start w/Welcome Coffee
950  Opening Remarks/Morning Chair - Doug Schuster, NCAR
1000  KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Dave Randall, Colorado State University
  "Cloud Resolving Models or Futures in Climate Modeling"
1100 Aaron Andersen, NCAR
  "NWSC Facility - Successes and Lessons Learned"
1130  Robert Raymond, ORACLE
  "The Exciting Future of Archive Data Storage Technologies"
1200  Lunch
1400  Afternoon Session Chair - Aaron Andersen, NCAR
1400 Philip Brown, CRAY,  
  "Cray Earth Sciences Update"
1430  Bill Kramer, NCSA/University of Illinois
  "Atmospheric Sciences Plus Blue Waters Create Exceptional Insights"
1500  Break

 Janice Coen, NCAR
  "Understanding and Predicting Wildland Fire Growth Using Coupled Weather"


Phil Webster, NASA
  "High Resolution Nature Runs and the Big Data Challenge"
 1800  Farewell Reception

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Baker, Allison NCAR United States abaker@ucar.edu
Balaji, Venkatramani Princeton University United States balaji@princeton.edu
BEURAUD, Alain Meteo-France France Alain.Beuraud@meteo.fr
Biercamp, Joachim DKRZ Germany biercamp@dkrz.de
Brown, Philip Cray United Kingdom philipb@cray.com
Budich, Reinhard MPI für Meteorologie Germany reinhard.budich@mpimet.mpg.de
Campbell, Juanice IBM United States jcamp@us.ibm.com
Chapin, Elizabeth NCAR United States echapin@ucar.edu
Chardon, Laurent Environment Canada Canada laurent.chardon@ec.gc.ca
Childs, Hank University of Oregon United States hank@uoregon.edu
CLYNE, JOHN NCAR United States clyne@ucar.edu
Corbeil, Luc Shared Services Canada Canada luc.corbeil@ssc-spc.gc.ca
EL KHATIB, Ryad Meteo-France France Ryad.Elkhatib@meteo.fr
Fisher, Joan NCAR United States jfish@ucar.edu
Fuhrer, Oliver MeteoSwiss Switzerland oliver.fuhrer@meteoswiss.ch
Graham, Richard Mellanox United States richardg@mellanox.com
Grasso, Gayle Guest United States ggrasso@us.ibm.com
Grice, Don Guest/IBM United States dgrice@us.ibm.com
Grice, Marilyn Guest United States megrice@hvc.rr.com
Grill, Jean Guest United States jgrill@pathbroadband.com
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Jursik, Dave Guest United States djursik@comcast.net
Kamrath, Anke NCAR United States anke@ucar.edu
Kang, JI-Sun KISTI Korea, Republic of jskang38@gmail.com
Kellie, Al NCAR United States kellie@ucar.edu
Killingsworth, Marcia NCAR United States marciak@ucar.edu
KIM, DONG IL KIAPS Korea, Republic of di.kim@kiaps.org
Kramer, William NCSA/University of Illinois United States wtkramer@illinois.edu
Larsson, Peter NSC (Sweden) Sweden pla@nsc.liu.se
Lautenschlager, Michael DKRZ Germany lautenschlager@dkrz.de
Lawrence, Bryan NCAS United Kingdom bryan.lawrence@ncas.ac.uk
Ludwig, Thomas DKRZ Germany ludwig@dkrz.de
Mickelson, Sheri NCAR United States mickelso@ucar.edu
Noe, Heinrich Guest United Kingdom heinrich.noe@gmx.at
Norton, Dave The Portland Group United States dave.norton@pgroup.com
NYBERG, PER CRAY INC. United States nyberg@cray.com
Orf, Leigh CIMSS, UW-Madison United States leigh.orf@gmail.com
PARK, JUN Korea Institute of Atmospheric Prediction Systems Korea, Republic of j.park@kiaps.org
Patterson, Michael Intel United States michael.k.patterson@intel.com
Patterson, Janet Guest United States michael.k.patterson@intel.com
Pecce, Raymond IBM United States jpecce@us.ibm.com
Posey, Stan NVIDIA United States sposey@nvidia.com
Pugh, Tim Australian Bureau of Meteorology Australia t.pugh@bom.gov.au
Ramos, Lou GUEST United States somar2244@comcast.net
Ramos, Bonnie Oracle United States bonnie.ramos@oracle.com
Randall, David Colorado State University United States randall@atmos.colostate.edu
Raymond, Robert Oracle United States robert.raymond@oracle.com
Ruo, Linghui Juanice Campbell United States lruo1@yahoo.com
Salmond, Deborah ECMWF United Kingdom das@ecmwf.int
Salmond, Jeffrey Cambridge University United Kingdom js947@cam.ac.uk
Schuster, Alana GUEST United States dcschuster@gmail.com
Schuster, Douglas National Center for Atmospheric Research United States schuster@ucar.edu
Schwie, Jill Guest United States jill10@comcast.net
Seebeck, Lesley Australian Bureau of Meteorology Australia l.seebeck@bom.gov.au
Semtner, Albert Naval Postgraduate School United States sbert@nps.edu
Semtner, Jolene GUEST United States bsemtner@sbcglobal.net
Small, Richard NCAR United States jsmall@ucar.edu
Vontillis, Julie Guest United States jvtdenver@gmail.com
Voysey, Adam Met Office United Kingdom adam.voysey@metoffice.gov.uk
Washington, Warren NCAR United States wmw@ucar.edu
Washington, Mary Guest United States shearer@ucar.edu
Webster, William NASA Goddard Space Flight Center United States phil.webster@nasa.gov
Weger, Isabella ECMWF United Kingdom i.weger@ecmwf.int
Wilde, Jeanette GUEST Germany T_Wilde@gmx.net
Wilde, Torsten LRZ Germany torsten.wilde@lrz.de
Wilhelmsson, Tomas ECMWF United Kingdom Tomas.Wilhelmsson@ecmwf.int
Worley, Steven NCAR United States worley@ucar.edu