International Computing for the Atmospheric Sciences Symposium

International Computing for the Atmospheric Sciences Symposium

The International Computing for the Atmospheric Sciences Symposium (iCAS2013) is the eleventh biennial meeting in a series hosted by the National Center for Atmospheric Research under sponsorship from the U.S. National Science Foundation. iCAS2013 will bring together international colleagues to discuss information technology advances and the transformative infrastructure that allows scientists to investigate atmospheric problems as part of the Earth system model. Presentation and discussion topics include:

  • High-performance computing systems and facility challenges, and progress reports and plans from various weather, climate, and research laboratories worldwide
  • Adapting weather and climate Application to next-generation HPC architecture
  • Extreme climate and weather-related events
  • Big Data challenges in the atmospheric sciences challenges

The workshop will also include presentations from key industry vendors.

Wind & Solar Energy Prediction: Challenges and Opportunities

William P Mahoney III

 Sunday, September 8th

1200-1600 Early Registration
1900-2030 Welcome Reception


Monday, September 9th

0800-1730 Registration Desk Open
0800 Welcome Coffee
0845 Opening Remarks / Morning Chair - Al Kellie, Anke Kamrath, NCAR
0900 KEYNOTE SPEAKER - William P Mahoney III, NCAR
     Wind and Solar Energy Prediction: Challenges and Opportunities
1000 Tim Pugh, The Centre of Australian Weather and Climate Research
     Australian Computational Climate and Weather Advances
1030 Break
1100 Sara Graves, University of Alabama Huntsville
      Taming Big Data for Weather and Climate Application Needs
1130 Robert Raymond, ORACLE
      Current and Emerging Storage Technologies
1200 Lunch
1400 Afternoon Session Chair - Gene Harano, NCAR
1400 Luis Kornblueh, Max-Planck-Institute
     Real Application on Parallel Systems: A European Community Benchmark Effort
1430 TBD
1500 Break
1530 Seth McGinnis, NCAR
      Distilling Regional Climate Model Data from NARCCAP for Use in Impacts Analysis
1600 Jean-Pierre Panziera, BULL
1630 Adjourn
1800 Reception


Tuesday, September 10th

0800-1700 Registration Desk Open
0830 Welcome Coffee
0900 Opening Remarks / Morning Chair - Steve Worley, NCAR
0910 James J. Hack, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
     Leadership Computing Directions at Oak Ridge National Laboratory:Navigating the Transition
     to Heterogeneous Archetectures
0940 Per Nyberg, Cray
     Cray Solutions for Earth System Modeling
1010 Sophie Valcke, CERFACS
     The OASIS3-MCT Parallel Coupler
1040 Break
1110 Warren Washington, NCAR
     Preparing for the Next Probable IPCC Assessment Report: Moving to Higher
     Resolution and Complexity
1140 Jose Baldasano, Barcelona Supercomputing Centre
      Air Quality Forecasting System: Needs of Computational Resources and Database
1210 Adjourn
Afternoon Free


Wednesday, September 11th


0800-1700; Registration Desk Open
0830 Welcome Coffee
0900 Opening Remarks / Morning Chair - Dave Hart, NCAR
0900 KEYNOTE SPEAKER - Charles Hansen, University of Utah
     A Scientific Visualization Perspective
1000 Sylvie Joussaume, Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique
      The European Infrastructure for Earth System Modeling: IS-ENES
1030 Break
1100 Michael K. Patterson, Intel
     Preparing for Exascale: Efficiency from the Siliscon to the Data Center
1130 John Dennis, NCAR
     Data Compression of Climate Simulation Data
1200 Oliver Fuhrer, MeteoSwiss
     Towards Operational Implementation of COSMO on Accelerators at MeteoSwiss  
1230 Lunch
1400 Afternoon Session Chair - Srinath Vadlamani,  NCAR
1400 Stan Posey, NVIDIA
     GPU Progress and Directions for Earth System Modeling
1430 George Mozdzynski, ECMWF
     A PGAS Implementation of the ECMWF Integrated Forecasting System (IFS) NWP Model
1500 Jamie Shiers, CERN
     Big Data and Long-Term Preservation: Challenges and Opportunities
1530 Break
1600 Minsu Joh, KISTI
     The Development of Modeling, Simulation and Visualization Services for the Earth Sciences
     at the National Supercomputing Center of Korea
1630 Don Grice, IBM
      Energy Aware Application Deployment
1700 Adjourn
1800 Reception
1900 Banquet


Thursday, September 12th

0800-1700 Registration Desk Open
0900 Delayed Start with Welcome Coffee
0930 Opening Remarks / Morning Chair - Steve Sain, NCAR
0930 KEYNOTE SPEAKER - William Kramer, NCSA
     Extreme Scale Computational Atmospheric Science - Insights for the Petascale Vantage Point
1030  Michael Lautenschlager, DKRZ
     CMIP5 Data Management
1100 Dave Norton, PGI
     Trials and Triumphs with Next Generation Compute Nodes
1130 James Kinter, COLA
     HPC and Big Data: COLA's Experience in the Advanced Scientific Discovery Program
1200 Lunch
1400 Afternoon Session Chair - Aaron Andersen, NCAR
1400 Pak Lui, Mellanox
     Advancing Applications Performance With InfiniBand
1430 Joan Kleypas, NCAR
     The Impacts of Climate Extremes on Ocean Ecosystems
1500 Break
1530 Khaled Alhussan, AERO
     Evolution in High Performance Computing
1600 Nancy Collins, NCAR
     Ensemble Data Assimilation for Climate and Weather Models:
     A Fascinating Challenge for Scalable Computing
1630 Robert Dilmore, NetApp
     Design of Peta+scale Storage for High Performance Computing
1700 Adjourn
1800   Farewell Reception

iCAS2013 Participants

An, Jooneun KISTI Korea, Repuplic of
Andersen, Aaron NCAR United States
Baldasano, Jose Barcelona Supercomputing Center Spain
Barkai, David Cray United States
Beuraud, Alain Meteo-France France
Biercamp, Joachim DKRZ Germany
Blaskovich, David IBM United States
Budich, Reinhard Max Planck Institute fur Meteorologie Germany
Cohen, Claude Bull France
Collins, Nancy NCAR United States
Corbeil. Luc CSCS Switzerland
Dennis, John NCAR United States
Dilmore, Robert NetApp/HPC Consulting United States
Faxen, Torgny National Supercomputer Center Sweden Sweden
Fisher, Joan NCAR United States
Foujols, Marie-Aice IPSL/CNRS France
Fuhrer, Oliver MeteoSwiss Switzerland
Graves, Sara University of Alabama in Huntsville United States
Grice, Donald IBM Corporation United States
Hack, James Oak Ridge National Laboratory United States
Hansen, Charles University of Utah United States
Harano, Gene NCAR United States
Hart, David NCAR United States
Jin, Zhiyan National Meteorological Center of China China
Joh, Minsu KISTI Korea, Republic of
Joussaume, Sylvie CNRS/IPSL France
Jursik, Dave Invitee United States
Kamrath, Anke NCAR United States
Kellie, Al NCAR United States
Killingsworth, Marcia NCAR United States
Kinter, James COLA/GMU United States
Kleypas, Joanie NCAR United States
Kornblueh, Luis Max Planck Institute for Meteorology Germany
Kramer, William NCSA/University of Illinois United States
Kwon, Oh Kyoung KISTI Korea, Republic of
Lautenschlager, Michael DKRZ Germany
Ludwig, Thomas DKRZ Germany
Lui, Pak Mellanox Technologies United States
Mahoney, Bill NCAR/RAL United States
McGinnis, Seth NCAR United States
McGuire, Sean Xyratex United Kingdom
Moore, Amy NCAR United States
Mozdzynski, George ECMWF United Kingdom
Navaux, Philippe UFRGS Brazil
New, Gary NCAR/NWSC United States
Norton, Dave STmicroelectronics United States
Nyberg, Per Cray United States
Nychka, Douglas NCAR/IMAGe United States
Panetta, Jairo CPTEC Brazil
Panziera, Jean-Pierre Bull France
Patterson, Michael Intel United States
Pecce, Jay IBM United States
Posey, Stan NVIDIA United States
Prill, Florian Deutscher Wetterdienst Germany
Pugh, Tim Austrailian Bureau of Meteorology Australia
Ramos, Bonnie Oracle United States
Raymond, Robert Oracle United States
Sain, Steve NCAR United States
Salmond, Deborah ECMWF United Kingdom
Schattler, Ulrich Deutscher Wetterdienst Germany
Semtner, Albert Naval Postgraduate School United States
Takahashi, Keiko JAMSTEC Japan
Thiel, Ulla Cray Germany
Unger, Marijke NCAR United States
Vadlamani, Srinath NCAR United States
Valcke, Sophie CERFACS France
Washington, Warren NCAR United States
Weger, Isabella ECMWF United Kingdom
Wilhelmsson, Tomas ECMWF United Kingdom
Worley, Steve NCAR United States