Data analytics for the Geosciences using R

June 16-19, 2013

Boulder, Colorado, NCAR Mesa Lab

The workshop will take place at the National Center for Atmospheric Research  (NCAR) Mesa Lab situated in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado with easy access to hiking, and downtown Boulder.


Short course description

The goal of this course is to empower teachers, scientists, and engineers through the use modern methods of data analysis.

This course will teach participants how to use R in a hands-on and tutorial environment and explore substantial data sets in a way that will motivate a variety of statistical methods. Although the data sets will largely be drawn from the environmental or earth sciences, participants will be encouraged to consider data from other fields that match their interests.

R is a publicly available software package that is developed by the international statistics community and is a standard for current statistical methodology in industry, government, and health care. Current estimates project that there are over 2 million users of R worldwide and thousands of contributors. In addition, R has the flexibility to support a range of users: from beginning statistics students all the way through scientists and engineers who are pursuing cutting edge data analysis for research and commercial applications. 

This course will enable instructors to complement a traditional introduction to statistics by developing analysis skills with larger and more complex data sets and also build an appreciation for the value of more advanced statistical methods.


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