Summer School on Fusing Geophysical Models with Data

06/13/2005 - 8:00am to 06/17/2005 - 4:00pm

Summer School on Fusing Geophysical Models with Data

The ability to combine observations with a numerical model is critical to understanding and predicting geophysical systems like the earth's atmosphere. This summer school will be presented by statisticians and geophysicists who are leaders in the field of data assimilation. By bridging the gap between basic and applied research on ensemble data assimilation, the workshop will provide participants with an understanding of the most recent advances and the most critical unsolved problems in this rapidly growing field. Lectures and discussion will be supplemented by a series of computational explorations using the Data Assimilation Research Testbed facility at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. By the end of the workshop, participants will be equipped with the tools to attack the problems posed in the lectures and to undertake research in data assimilation for a large variety of applications.

Workshop Themes

Topics include:

  • Bayesian foundations of data assimilation and ensemble filtering,
  • estimating parameters for large geophysical models,
  • design of effective and cost-efficient observing systems, and
  • data assimilation of Lagrangian observations.

Applications include:

  • Climate modeling,
  • weather preciction, and
  • air quality.