Seminar- Space-time Problems That We Need to Think About

10/23/2014 - 3:15pm
ML- Fleischmann Building

Space-time Problems That We Need to Think About

Jim Ramsay, McGill University

Given the discouraging state of current global efforts to curb global warming, we can imagine that we will soon turn our attention to mitigation. On a global scale, distressed populations will turn to national and international organizations for solutions to dramatic problems caused by climate change. These institutions in turn will mandate the collection of data on a scale and resolution that will present extraordinary statistical and computational challenges to those of us viewed as having the appropriate expertise. A review of the current state of our space-time data analysis machinery suggests that we have much to do. The shortcomings of the current methods for representing data collected over high textured spatial and temporal domains requiring multi-resolution representations will be considered. Topics considered will be (1) the dependency on assumptions of stationarity and isotropy, (2) methods for representing functions of space/time, (3) the limitations of principal components analysis or empirical orthogonal functions as representers and (4) the over-dependence on Cartesian coordinate systems, whether linear or nonlinear. Some reflections on where we need to go in the relatively small number of years that we have to prepare will follow. It seems urgent that we mount a large international research effort with funding that is adequate for the what we will have do.

October 23, 2014
ML - Fleischmann Building
Time: 3:15pm

Dr. Ramsay will also present "Multivariate and Functional Principal Components without Eigenanalysis" at CU Boulder on October 24