First Annual CESM Uncertainty Quantification and Analysis Interest Group Meeting- Home

The First (annual!) CESM Uncertainty Quantification and Analysis (UQA) Interest Group Meeting  will be held Jan. 30-31 2012 at NCAR's Mesa Lab.

  This inaugural meeting will be strongly focused on discussion and breakout sessions, to collaboratively form community goals. There will be some talks, intended to survey UQA methods and approaches, UQA in Earth system applications, and proposals for future UQA in Earth system projects. If you would like to be considered for a speaking session, please contact the organizers.
   The targets of this meeting are researchers developing UQA methodology that apply to the specific challenges of climate science, and researchers producing analysis of the Earth system (and models) who would like to expand the scope and rigor of uncertainty analysis in application.

The overall goal is to facilitate community collaboration. Two specific targets in support of this to come out of the meeting are:
1) Articulate the science challenges in quantification and analysis of uncertainty in CESM and related modeling and climate studies, from basic science to policy-relevant results.
2) Define a handful of large scope "open source" CESM-UQ study projects/goals, for people to contribute to, collaborate on, help define proposals to funding agencies, and inside which to present results to future meetings.

We ask attendees to please bring their ideas of what specific challenges exist, and for long-term project goals.


Jim Gattiker, LANL  (

Doug Nychka,  NCAR/IMAGe (