Raspberry Pi Weather Forecast

Raspberry Pi Weather Forecast

Weather is intertwined within nearly all aspects of our lives. It has a large impact on society by affecting our food supply, transportation, and even our health. On an individual level, the weather can affect events like birthday parties, weddings, outdoor concerts, sporting events, and other occasions in our daily lives. In extreme cases, weather can adversely affect both life and property. 

Given these impacts, it is very important for us to forecast or predict the future weather. Making a weather forecast isn’t a blind guess, but it is a process of using observations of the current weather to start or initialize a mathematics-based computer model. The model is then used to simulate the weather in the future.

Even though our weather models have been in development since the 1940’s, making an accurate forecast is still very difficult -- even for a trained meteorologist. This is because our computer simulations are not perfect. Sometimes they suggest the wrong values for temperature, wind, and precipitation. Therefore, meteorologists use weather models as a guide, and use their expertise to deliver a more accurate forecast.


The goal of this project is to run a real weather model on your Raspberry Pi and make a weather forecast. You will run the simulation for the days you want, where you want, visualize the output, and make a forecast. By working through this module, you will gain an understanding of how a weather forecast is made, how a meteorologist adds “value” to the forecast, and you will learn some of the limits and shortcomings of some of our latest weather models.


Who is this for: This if for anyone who is interested in running their own weather model or learning how a weather forecast is made. The education module associated with this project is for grades 7-9.



1) Raspberry Pi 3 or greater

2) Stable Internet Connection

3) Mouse/Keyboard/Monitor for the Raspberry Pi