CISL Tools & Services


HPC and High-end Services

High-end computing CISL is a world leader in supercomputing with several entries in the Top 500 list as well as numerous high performance Linux clusters
Analysis servers High-end servers available 24x7 for both interactive and batch data analysis and data-processing
High Performance Storage System (HPSS) More than 100 petabytes of tape-based storage capacity with automated retrieval
Systems Accounting Manager SAM enables supercomputer users to manage key system preferences and provides reports on charges for use of computing and storage resources.
Computing centers CISL operates the NCAR-Wyoming Supercomputing Center and the Mesa Lab Computing Center.
Front Range Gigapop (FRGP) CISL's NETS group provides high-bandwidth Internet connectivity in collaboration with institutions along the Denver/Boulder area front range


Data Services and Curation

Climate Data Gateway The NCAR Climate Data Gateway provides data discovery and access services for global and regional climate model data, knowledge, and software.
Research Data Archive (RDA) Access a large and diverse collection of meteorological and oceanographic observations, operational and reanalysis model outputs, and remote sensing datasets to support atmospheric and geosciences research, along with ancillary datasets, such as topography/bathymetry, vegetation, and land use.
Tape Readers: 7-track and 9-track One 7-track and two 9-track tape drives are available for accessing historical data


Software and Support Services

CISL Help Desk The CISL Help Desk is the first point of contact for all support requests
Consulting Services Consulting on a broad range of high-end computing topics
Advanced Visualization Support Yellowstone users who need help visualizing data to demonstrate the results of their scientific computing can request expert assistance and collaboration from CISL
Visualization Lab (VisLab) The NCAR Visualization Lab is located on the Mesa campus and provides high-end stereo visualization of scientific animations as well as Access Grid video teleconferencing
NCAR Command Language (NCL) A free interpreted language designed for scientific data processing and visualization
NCAR Graphics Fortran- and C-based software package for scientific visualization
PyNGL Python interface to the NCL Graphics Library
Subversion Software version control using Subversion, the popular CVS replacement
VAPOR The Visualization and Analysis Platform for Ocean, Atmosphere, and Solar Researchers is a visual data discovery environment capable of handling terascale size data sets
Vis5d+ NCAR Extensions have been incorporated into Vis5d+, which is now a SourceForge project
Mathematical software A number of FORTRAN mathematical libraries are available for solving a variety of equations useful in computer modeling of geophysical processes
Visualization and analysis applications Numerous visualization applications are available for use on our high-end analysis servers


Enterprise Infrastructure and Services

Networking CISL's NETS group maintains and develops the UCAR network and provides high-bandwidth Internet connectivity
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Remote and wireless network users can utilize the VPN to access internal UCAR servers
Wireless network Wireless networking is available in conference rooms at all UCAR campuses as well as many office areas
Cisco CallManager Web interface to the Cisco IP phones
Telephones UCAR phones use the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and Cisco IP phones which are configurable via a web interface
Voicemail Voicemail is accessible from UCAR-standard Cisco IP telephones
Drupal Content Management System Drupal is an open source CMS for building highly dynamic websites. It is extensible through a vast array of available modules, making most web development tasks a matter of pointing and clicking rather than coding.
Search engines UCAR-specific Google search and Verity Ultraseek internal document search
Streaming video server Video streaming in QuickTime, Real and Windows Media Player formats
Surveys Create, deliver, and analyze results of your own online surveys
Web hosting Centralized web hosting and related services for all UCAR, NCAR and UOP divisions and programs
Web proxy The WEG can proxy external users to internal web servers to provide greater security than making a web server an exposed host
Web traffic statistics View web traffic statistics for any WEG-hosted site using Webalizer or prepare drill-down reports for requested sites with Sawmill
Wiki Build web sites collaboratively with your team using the Confluence enterprise wiki.
Mailman mailing lists Mailman provides email-based group discussions and distribution lists
Spam filtering CISL provides blacklist filtering and Mailguard content filtering to prevent spam and email viruses from reaching the email inboxes of UCAR staff
Security The Security Team monitors the UCAR network and servers for intrusions and provides the UCAR Central Authentication Services
UCAR Central Authentication Services (UCAS) Centralized service that authenticates UCAS accounts and passwords for numerous applications and enables users to change a password
CRYPTOCard and YubiKey Secure CISL services requiring a one-time password are accessed using a CRYPTOCard keypad or YubiKey token.
Web authentication Provides an API for web developers to integrate UCAS and OTP authentication into their web applications
People Search Search the UCAR phone directory and manage staff information, including account requests and spam blocklist filtering
MySQL Database Make your websites and web applications more dynamic with a database backend
File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Provides Internet file sharing between UCAR staff and external collaborators
Computer Desktop Services Desktop computers are provided to CISL staff and maintained and supported