Command line subset requests – rdams

The rdams utility can be run on the Cheyenne login nodes to get detailed metadata for RDA data sets, to submit subset requests on select gridded data sets, and to check on the processing status of any subset requests. The rdams-client utility provides similar functionality for external users.

The rdams utility can be found in the /glade/u/apps/contrib directory. Enter rdams -help for a description of how to use it.


'rdams -get_summary <dsnnn.n>'
'rdams -get_metadata <dsnnn.n> <-f>'
'rdams -submit [control_file_name]'
'rdams -get_status'
'rdams -download [RequestIndex]' *only for external users
'rdams -get_control_file_template <dsnnn.n>'
'rdams -help'

Option '-get_summary' provides an overview of what data sets and data set groups have subsetting available.
Option '-get_summary <dsnnn.n>' provides an overview of what dataset groups have subsetting available in 'dsnnn.n'.

Option '-get_metadata <dsnnn.n>' dumps out a list of all available parameters found in 'dsnnn.n' for subsetting.
Option '-get_metadata <dsnnn.n> <-f>' dumps out the metadata in fixed sized columns.
'-get_metadata <dsnnn.n>' parameters are dumped out on each line in the following order, using '|'s as separators:

Option '-submit [control_file_name]' is used to submit a subset request control file.
Subset request control files are built from the parameters dumped out by the '-get_metadata <dsnnn.n>' option.

Option '-get_status' dumps out the status of all subset requests.
Option '-get_status <RequestID>' dumps out the status of subset request 'RequestID'.
Option '-download [RequestIndex]' download request output files for 'RequestIndex' to your local system. *only for external users
Option '-get_control_file_template' dumps out an example control file template to your local directory.
Option '-get_control_file_template <dsnnn.n>' dumps out a working example control file for dsnnn.n to your local directory.


To submit an example request, try the following:

Download an example control file for the data set of your choice, "dsnnn.n":

"rdams -get_control_file_template <dsnnn.n>" 

Submit the example control file for "dsnnn.n" into the system as a subset request:

"rdams -submit [dsnnn.n_control_file]" 

Check on subset request processing status:

"rdams -get_status"

Download completed requests (only for external users):

"rdams -download [RequestIndex]"

Additional commands

Get a listing of parameters available for subsetting (used to populate dsnnn.n_control_file):

"rdams -get_metadata dsnnn.n" 

Download a generic control file template that includes field descriptors:

"rdams -get_control_file_template"