Getting Assets into an NCAR-Managed Repository

Submitting or depositing your digital assets to be archived at an open repository can help in fulfilling data management plan requirements by ensuring the digital assets are shared openly and can be accessed publicly. The repository can also assist in facilitating the preservation and stewardship of the digital assets, so that the digital assets are available for long-term use/reuse.

Please note that to be eligible to deposit your datasets with an NCAR-managed repository, you will need to be one of the following categories:

  • NCAR Staff
  • Officially appointed NCAR Affiliated Scientists
UCAR Community Program (UCP) Staff and NCAR External Collaborators are considered on a case by case basis.

The following diagram demonstrates how to determine the best option for archiving a digital asset.

(please click the image to enlarge)

Required Steps to Request Submission with NCAR-Managed Repositories

Step 1: Review Open Access Policy and Guidance documents. Step 2: Create a data management plan (DMP).
  • Please note that a DMP is required to request submission and depositing of your digital assets even when your funder/proposal does not require one.
Step 3: Submit “Request to Submit” form using the following system: Step 4: Contact the Data Curation & Stewardship Coordinator to complete a DASH Consultation appointment.

Following the completion of the consultation appointment in Step 4, you will be contacted by a DASH representative about the next actions.

If you have other questions or would like to learn more about archiving your digital assets with an NCAR-managed repository, please contact us.

Table 1: Overview of NCAR-Managed Repositories (See Note 2)

Repository Name and URL Accepted Assets
Climate Data Gateway (formerly the Earth System Grid) Assets related to global and regional climate model output:
  • Preferably in a gridded file format, such as netCDF.
DASH Repository (See Note 3) Assets that are:
  • Relatively small in file size.
  • Do not fit in the other repositories shown in this table.
  • Containing files that can be access directly via the web.
EOL Metadata Database and Cyberinfrastructure (EMDAC) Assets associated with field projects, including:
  • Observational data.
  • Satellite data.
  • Legacy data.
Research Data Archive (RDA) Assets focusing on:
  • Meteorological and Oceanographic Observations.
  • Operational and Reanalysis Model Outputs.
  • Remote Sensing.


  1. DASH Metadata is the official documentation method for sharing asset information via DASH Search and for describing the assets that will be submitted to DASH Repository for archive. For more information, please see Sharing You Data page.

  2. High Performance Storage System (HPSS) is not considered as a open repository. For further information regarding the comparison between a HPSS and an open repository, please see the Frequently Asked Questions page.

  3. DASH Repository is currently under development. For additional information about the DASH Repository, please contact us.