Data Management Guidance

Managing your data:

Determine Data Management Requirements for Proposals 

Answer the questions below or view this flowchart to determine the requirements for your proposal:

Submit a Support Request 

Submit a request for repository support using the NCAR Dataset Submission Request System. In return you will receive:

  • Assistance from the DASH consulting service
  • A repository recommendation for your request
  • Recommended, repository-specific verbiage for your data management plan

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Data Management Plans (DMPs)

The following resources are provided to assist and support the NCAR community in meeting Data Management Plan (DMP) requirements when submitting proposals to potential funders/sponsors, abiding by NCAR policies concerning data management best practices, and fulfilling DMP requirements after proposals are awarded.

Additional Resources:

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Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs)

To enable long term preservation, access, and discovery of NCAR/UCAR Community Programs (UCP) resources, DOIs should be assigned to digital resources. The following information explains the areas to consider and the process to acquire a DOI.

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Data Management Training and Education Resources

The following resources have been selected to help with learning how to provide proper management over the entire research data lifecycle. Effective data management practices enable scientific outputs to be retained for long term access, as well as use and reuse by a broader community.

Introductory Information:

Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP), in cooperation with NOAA and the Data Conservancy, created a series of 35 peer-reviewed courses, each addressing a specific topic relating to data management. Each course lasts about five to 15 minutes when viewed in video mode, and the corresponding presentations can also be downloaded for further review. While familiarity with all of the modules would be beneficial in improving understanding and knowledge of data management in general, the following topics are especially relevant to meeting data management plan requirements.

Additional References:

For each of DataONE's ten data management education modules, the accompanying hands-on exercises and one-page handout can help reinforce the concepts presented by the modules.

In addition to structuring its training by data management topics, MANTRA's modules can also be accessed by selecting one of the roles that is typically involved in data management plans, including Research Student, Career Researcher, Senior Academic, and Information Professional.

Research Data Netherlands organizes its Essential 4 Data Support modules primarily by "phases": planning, research, user, legislation & policy, and data support. 

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