Digital Asset Services Hub (DASH)

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The Digital Asset Services Hub (DASH) is dedicated to provide support, engagement, and training for digital assets from NCAR and UCAR Community Programs (UCP), including datasets, publications, software, and models.

The services and resources made available through DASH focus on supporting the digital assets in order to make them available to the broader scientific community. DASH is created and maintained by the Data Stewardship Engineering Team (DSET).

Please note that while DASH's resources are designed primarily for UCAR/NCAR digital assets, our collaborators and high performance computing (HPC) users are welcome to view the data management guidance, including FAQs and sample data management plans, and additional information provided that is part of the DASH service.

DASH Services & Resources

There are currently six DASH Services & and Resources areas that are under development.

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A Video Introduction to DASH