Request CMIP6 data sets

You can use the form below to ask for the addition of a CMIP6 data set to the CMIP Analysis Platform if you have an active project or an approved allocation request.

Before you submit a request, check here to see if the data set you need is already available: CMIP6 data sets on GLADE.

Check here to see what is presently available for you to request: ESGF CMIP6 search interface

NCAR staff: CMIP Analysis Platform data sets that are on GLADE are available to you by default. If you would like to ask for an addition to the repository, contact the NCAR Research Computing help desk to request access to the platform before you submit the request form.

Fulfilling a small request takes about two weeks. Large requests – those that involve several models and/or high data frequency, for example – take longer.

Submit a request

Fields marked with * are required.

Your desired start date will help us prioritize requests but is not guaranteed. Adding data sets may take several weeks, depending on their size, disk space availability, and other factors.
The date you indicate here should be within one year of your desired start date. Scheduled deletion dates will be announced in advance and extension requests will be considered.
You can further define what you need by providing keyword/value pairs or values here. (Examples: Institution ID=NCC or NCC.) Also include any other information that you think might be useful in managing your request. The CMIP Analysis Platform is currently unable to provide data for specified "Variant Label" values. Data requests that are fulfilled will include any such values that are available.