Community Computing Facility

CISL provides large computing resources for the community of researchers in the atmospheric, oceanic, and related sciences. The purpose is twofold: to provide computing support for NCAR research and to extend the computing resources for university scientists so they can pursue investigations that are beyond the scope of university computing centers. Community Computing Facility resources also are made available to a small number of projects funded by other government agencies and by the private sector.

University scientists and NCAR researchers use these resources to investigate questions in the atmospheric sciences, geophysics, and solar physics. The Community Computing Facility operates on much of the same equipment as the Climate Simulation Lab.

To use CISL community computers, a researcher must obtain an NCAR allocation (for NCAR staff) or a university allocation. In general, any U.S.-based researcher with an NSF award in the atmospheric and closely related sciences is eligible to apply for a university allocation. Graduate students and post-docs at U.S. non-profit research institutions are eligible for small allocations without an NSF award, and any researcher at a U.S. non-profit research institution can apply for a Small Data Access allocation.