CHAP: April 2020 Meeting

The CISL HPC Advisory Panel (CHAP) met April 23, 2020, in Boulder to review and recommend allocations for computational requests from university researchers with NSF awards in the atmospheric or closely related sciences. The CHAP's focus continues to be on the computational experiments being proposed and their efficiency, as well as on researchers’ justifications for data-storage requests.

The CHAP received 34 requests from 24 universities and research institutions for nearly 440 million core-hours on Cheyenne – almost 200 million of that total from a single request. The CHAP had 240 million Cheyenne core-hours to allocate. Requests for more than 2 million core-hours were reviewed at the meeting; smaller requests were reviewed by email. Also at the meeting, the panel reviewed requests for 2.9 PB of Campaign Storage space and 1.1 PB of project space. For awards, the panel targeted 1.5 PB of Campaign Storage and 250 TB of project space.  

Following review, the panel recommended awarding 217 million core-hours on Cheyenne, 1.5 PB of Campaign Storage space, and 100 TB of GLADE project space. The average Cheyenne award was 5.2 million core-hours. One request was rejected based on concerns that the proposed runs would not address the science objectives.

April 2020 CHAP Awards