CHAP: October 2016 Meeting

The October 13, 2016, allocations meeting was held at the NCAR Mesa Lab. New projects were awarded time on the Cheyenne system, which became available to users in January 2017, to minimize the number of groups that would need to switch from Yellowstone to Cheyenne in mid-project.

The CHAP allocated 107 million core-hours on Cheyenne and 19 million core-hours on Yellowstone in response to requests from 40 different universities and research institutions. The average award on Cheyenne was 2.7 million core-hours and the average Yellowstone allocation was 1.2 million core-hours. The largest amount awarded was 10 million core-hours.

The panel also reviewed the bi-annual CESM request, which totaled 420 million core-hours on Cheyenne and 250 million core-hours on Yellowstone.

Yellowstone allocations were limited primarily to groups that had begun work on that system previously. No new project spaces were awarded because of space constraints on GLADE. However, projects were given opportunities to transfer allocations between Yellowstone and Cheyenne and request project spaces on GLADE in early 2017.

There were 48 university requests for just under 120 million core-hours on Cheyenne and 75 million core-hours on Yellowstone. The median request size was 2.8 million core-hours on Cheyenne and 1.2 million core-hours on Yellowstone.